Created and successfully developed in Italy, in 2014 the Group QUI! crossed the Atlantic with the aim of opening up new markets and exporting its expertise in technological solutions and successful experience in Europe to Brazil, the country chosen for its first internationalization.

The beginning of the operation in the country was marked by the founding of a holding company, the QUI! GROUP BRASIL Ltda., whose main activity is the corporate control of their investments, represented currently by QUI! CARD Brazil Payment Solutions S.A. and QUI! BUSINESS Brazil Ltda.

The QUI! CARD came from Italy to Brazil with the mission of being the best company of means of payment solution, bringing the experience of a successful company in the issuance and management of cards and payment instruments.

In 2013, the Brazilian legislation opened the doors for financial inclusion of the population that did not have a bank account. People who had no access to credit and, therefore, were financially isolated, can now count on QUI! Card’s technological expertise, which brings innovative solutions, tested and proven in even more competitive markets than the Brazilian one, at low cost and with total security.

QUI! GROUP has developed the most advanced model of multi-function electronic payment card.

It has created Europe's largest cashback loyalty circuit.

It has held the most highly evolved technological platform for the management of value-added services through electronic cards, multifunction POS and Mobile.

Our History

Born in 1989 in Italy like QUI! Ticket Services, the company operates in the field of meal ticket and proof of identity and, subsequently changed its name to QUI! GROUP...



The QUI! Ticket Service meal ticket is born.



Network development and business growth.

linha do tempo enel


First Italian reality of meal tickets (Enel – 1st national client).

linha do tempo financial services


Emergence and development of Business Payment Cards (1st electronic meal ticket customer).

linha do tempo paybay


Emergence and development of Business Technology and ICT (Consip – the first of several Consip concessions) – Paybay.



Technological development - Services, Card, Electronic meal ticket, Voucher.

linha do tempo posteitaliane


Creation of Integrated Services networking and circuits - Italian Post Office - Partner in Loyalty Circuits "Sconti Bancoposta".

linha do tempo torna qui


Creation of a new brand that integrates all the services TORNAQUI. - Cisl - Partner in NoiCisl Loyalty Circuits.

linha do tempo welfare company


Birth of Welfare Company, which is specialized in corporate and public welfare solutions.

linha do tempo passpartu


Launch of the operator's portal - Passpartú.

linha do tempo qui! coupon


Entering the B2C market - QUI Coupon.



QUI! BUSINESS SRL arrives in Brazil for the first international cap. QNFS evolves in QUI! Financial Services and becomes Electronic Money Institution (IMEL).



Birth of QUI! Group Brazil. Partnership QUI! Group - ANCI aimed at supporting the improvement of welfare state.



Consolidation of the business in Brazil and launch of the first Brazilian prepaid payment cards, linked to loyalty cashback program and couponing offers (aQUI! CARD, aQUI! CUPOM, VoltaQUI!).

In Brazil

In the second half of 2013, the company initiated a strategic project of launching services in Brazil. From that moment, the group studied the market and partnerships to introduce and position a proper vision, an improvement in the daily lives of consumers and businesses, through the experiences and innovations in proper technological solutions…




aQUI! CUPOM is the portal that allows access to exclusive offers through privileged channels like aquicupom.com.br and the app aQUI! CUPOM, besides showing what your city has to offer in promotions and useful services.



aQUI! CARD is the ideal card for managing your financial and family education, perfect for payments even for those who have no bank account. You use it in a simple and safe way and, most importantly, it has no additional costs and has no time limit to expire.



VoltaQUI! is the largest loyalty and benefits program and designed especially for our partners and/or business premises. As a participant, you have access to discounts on any purchase within the circuit, i.e. when you make expenses, you make more money!

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